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INVAC - INCILER INDUSTRIAL MACHINE, packaging technologies and types of title, offer a selection to the packaging of food or industrial products. Our packaging, to increase the attractiveness of the product at the point of sale and be designed to have a variety of features to keep consumers submitted ease at the best level.


Modified Atmospheric Packaging

In accordance with the product in order to maintain the appearance and freshness of the product gas mixture is used at a MAPI package prepared. This mixture is generally carbon dioxide, contains nitrogen and oxygen.

Fresh, used in modified atmosphere packaging of many foods, especially baked or protein-containing foods and breads. Suitable for use in the medical and technical products.
MAP technique to extend the shelf life of the benefits, The guarantee of quality, We can count the damage during product shipment and transportation. MAP packaged in food technology, Extends the shelf life without use of any additives. Industrial and consumer goods are also protected against rust and corrosion thanks to modified atmosphere. In medical technology, the protection of sensitive products again, we see that the atmosphere is effectively modified.
Packaging Machinery and Packaging Material
This type of packaging thermoforming, It is possible to realize the ready and vacuum plate closing machine.


Extending the Shelf Life

slowing microbial spoilage of the product, because natural air contained within the vacuum packing, so the shelf life is extended. It is fixed into the vacuum through product packaging, packaging is eliminated by multiplying the probability of injury. Moreover, this way, it is also smaller places occupied.

Vacuum packaging all kinds of food, medical products, It is suitable for industrial or consumer goods.
The quality of the food in vacuum packing and freshness can be maintained for a long time. Because oxygen is not included in the packaging of oxygen prevent the proliferation of microorganisms seekers, Weakens the oxidation process. It is fixed into the vacuum through product packaging, thus eliminating the possibility of damage to the packaging multiplying. Moreover, where it also shrinks cover.
Packaging Machinery and Packaging Material
Vacuum packaging, produced in thermoforming and sealing machines with vacuum machine ready plate.


Best Protection Against Central with the relevant Foreign Influence and Impact

Modified atmosphere packaging does not contain reliable degree of protection against the different physical effects such as weather conditions or moisture and sunlight.

Modified atmosphere packaging does not contain particularly be used in consumer and industrial products to medical supplies or pharmaceuticals While it is appropriate to. Moreover, these packagings, It can be used for foods requiring no special conditions for extended shelf life.
Modified atmosphere packaging provides both the physical effect-free protection against moisture and sunlight. also it is used to convey the product or the packaging at the point of sale marketing information. Moreover, The product which is packaged to tampering and provides security against theft.
Packaging Machinery and Packaging Material
Modified atmosphere packaging thermoforming free, It is possible to produce the ready dish off or vacuum machine. We all know single or multi-layer composite can be used as a packaging material.