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    Our company specializes in Vacuum Packaging Machinery with the experience it has gained since 1980.

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    Being aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment, we implement the Total Quality Management program.

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    We offer useful apps for manufacturers, retailers and chefs in your kitchen.

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Tam Otomatik Vakumlu Paketleme Hattı

Full Auto Vacuum Packaging Line

Öne Çıkan Vac 65-D-3K Dikey Üç Katlı ve Çift Hazneli Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Vac-65 Vertical Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Oto-Vakum Dikey Açık Tip Otomatik Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Oto-Vacuum Vertical Open Type Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

Yarı Otomatik Vakum Paketleme Hattı

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Packaging Line

Bigvac-1250 Dikey Bigvac Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Bigvac-1250 Vertical Bigvac Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vac-72 Dikey Çift Hazneli Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Vac 72-D Vertical Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vac-65 Dikey Tek Hazneli Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Vac-65 Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vac 65-D-3K Dikey Üç Katlı ve Çift Hazneli Vakumlu Paketleme Makinesi

Vac 65-D-3K Vertical Triple Floor and Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Why İnciler Industrial Machine ?

Since 1980, as INVAC, it continues to serve our valued customers under many headings.

High Security

Our machines working under high security measures are designed to handle 24-hour working conditions. The central design of electrical components and automated systems enables independent control of systems and parts during machine maintenance and adjustments.

Expert Staff

Technical service has been disciplined as a detailed process. The institutions of the systems and machines are carried out by our authorized and experienced specialist personnel.

Reliable Results

Our technicians are responsible for the training of the operators who will use the machine, the full integration of the machine into the production line and performing the tests under the actual operating conditions of the system where the systems are installed.

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Within the framework of the designs and designs it has made; we continue our efforts to serve you better. You can contact us for more information.