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Our company 1980 years of experience gained to date and is a specialist on experience. It made clear in his design and design within the framework of; signaling pathways and projecting traffic intersection, Carpet manufacturing field and indoor gym scoreboard, pneumatic, hydraulic , Vacuum machines with electronic content machine design and manufacture has come to this day. In recent years, our company VACUUM MACHINES gave weight to the issue and continue working in this direction. horizontal vacuum machines in our production, double chamber lid single vertical industrial type vacuum cleaner, vacuum packaging products capable of great weight and size, working under the pressure of the atmosphere developed by our company,first in Turkey, World in which atmospheric pressure vacuum machine has superior features than its peers BIGVAC 1050 BIGVAC 1250 and presented to our customers. Our company better our customers' requests and complaints to the manufacturer's number of studies have concluded that taking into consideration, The quality of the service allows us to offer better facilities were targeted to achieve. Nearby we have to work with in the future we will offer you our new advanced technology project.


We produce and we aim to be a leader in the industry with machine production. never to compromise on quality in line with the suggestions and needs of our customer base. customers, our suppliers, Being aware of our responsibility to our employees and the environment, of our employees, training to raise awareness against you, our customers and the environment and continue our work. Design and manufacturing equipment to deliver reliable service in the field of. Customer happiness, social responsibility and environmental protection principles are our permanent and unchanging principles.

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Efficient use of existing resources and technology, In addition to providing the highest quality form of customer requests, To sustain success in our industry and meet expectations at the highest level. In order to provide quality services to all our customers more rapidly evolving technology in the world and in accordance with international standards, Mechanics, providing customers with digital electronics and technology to produce high quality and efficient machine providing great convenience. catch to quality with services . By meticulously applying the CE safety requirements to produce the qualified products quality and thus ensure customer satisfaction. with business effectiveness and efficiency upgrades goal is to provide the highest quality customer request form.


To use production methods that pollute the environment and threaten human health or destroy the harmful effects. ensure continuous compliance with environmental legislation and law. develop projects to reduce the amount of scrap and waste. New product plans, To prepare, taking into account the environmental factors. use as energy-efficient as possible in all production processes required. emphasis on the supplier's supplier of choice to the interaction with the environment. To adopt the social responsibility and quality production. Continue our training to educate our customers, employees and the environment against. environmental awareness in all our activities and will comply with environmental obligations.

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Continuous querying all business processes, from production to the installation and service. According to customer demand following the rapidly developing technologies in the world to design and make machines. work with the aim to achieve perfection. to increase the efficiency and reducing the error rate to a minimum to aim for continuous customer satisfaction.

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Continuously improve our products and services to increase customer satisfaction. always to comply with legal regulations in production. Quality is the responsibility of all employees to share. The next process is the principle of working with customers. to identify and develop methods to achieve zero error. can learn, and the corporate culture that can be shared in order to achieve an organizational structure that can be developed continuously to strengthen.

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Our machine running under high security measures 24 It is designed to handle the clock working conditions. center design of electrical components and pneumatic systems, Machine allows for the independent control systems and components during maintenance and adjustments. Technical service is a disciplined process in detail. Systems and institutions of the machine is carried out by qualified and experienced personnel in. Technical staff, the training of the operators who will use the machine, the full integration of machine production line and the company that installed the systems they are responsible for carrying out tests in actual operating conditions.


Producers, We offer really useful applications for retail selling and chefs in the kitchen. Meat, sea foods, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, legumes, dried fruit and nuts, fame, spice, such as coffee and prepared foods. The challenges you face with vacuum packaging machines, and you'll save yourself a chunk costs. of food products, including fish and poultry such as beef, shelf life. Fruits, meat, When it comes to vegetables or, with unpackaged package, It is exposed to air. in warehouse or cooler it will inevitably spread to other food items by bulk deformation. Vacuum packed and packed fish, Even in the freezer of frozen beef and poultry meat, icing and color changes are largely blocked on the first day freshness as a result of vacuum packaging machine must be used to protect your new product korunmuştur.y. Besides a few reasons why you use the vacuum packaging machine can sort; packaging made with his packaging techniques of our machine will save you a huge amount of space with, If you live in the region hard, high-grade cold or warm climate caused transportation problems, political, fluctuations in the market triggered by economic problems %0 You can survive without risk, You can keep your long-term problem and trouble-free product, perishable foods such as cheese or bread may help reduce the risk of deformation, crooked and weak faulty welding in the mouth of his machine packaging of some competing brands, and air leakage causes the opening of the bag. This naturally leads to distortion of the product. Do not remove the packaging of the package we do not possible to have this problem just a cutting tool, With tools such as knives or scissors may, Freshness test, vacuum air tightness, mold shape, etc.. The history of such tests, Cream cheese, cheese slice has worked better in cheese-based items such as, Vacuum bags are perfect for frozen foods. Frozen pies, lahmacun, meatball varieties, pasty, cakes, etc.. If seasonal food when cooking and storing indiscriminately at any time, tidy warehouse or cooler areas, these machines can help you make big savings in time and material for you from your.