As a word meaning; The vacuum that passes through the French language in Turkish is the first word in Latin, ie the scientific name vacuus (boşluk) as. ..

Technical sense; The main gases in our layer of our atmosphere, which is near to the earth %78 azote, %21 oxygen, %1 means water vapor, argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, methane, crypton, hydrogen, consists of ozone and xenon elements. That is, every medium separated from all the gases is a vacuum medium. It is easy to say that the atmosphere around the air pressure is lower than the pressure (taken from the press) used to describe environments. The concept of vacuum and pressure is directly related.

As a historian; Vacuum was discovered by Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli. 1641 in the same manner as a container filled with mercury during experiments 1 the meter filled with mercury-level mercury came to the side of the vessel, that is, the lower part of the tube was placed upwards so that the last mercury level inside the tube remained at a height of 760mm. If the mouth of the tube is open, the whole of the cigarette remains at 760mm without being emptied into the container, the mercury pressure is balanced by the open air pressure. Thus the first barometer was discovered. He used this system as a barometer. According to Torricelli barometer, atmospheric pressure at sea level is 760 mmHg or 760 torr(The first of the name 4 letters) was identified as. Widely used today.


Although Evangelista Torricelli was the first to implement open-air experiments In, 1646 the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, a physicist and thinker, printed his name in gold letters to prove his low and high air pressure. Pascal, After examining the experiments Torricelli had done, the level of mercury in the barometer dropped to the mountain was lowered, that is, at high altitudes, the air pressure is decreasing. Today, the commonly used Pascal "pa"(first two letters of name) it is his work.


The atmosphere surrounding our world, Vacuuming can be produced artificially in simple and fabricated form because it constantly pressurizes everywhere it surrounds. These tools can be generally referred to as vacuum pumps. Oily, dry, submersible, booster, centrifuges and so on. It is preferred according to the place and duty to be used. As soon as the vacuum pump starts to rotate relative to the engine, it removes the air from the suction side. The suction section connected to a closed chamber tries to discharge the density of air molecules in the medium volume. Vacuum value according to media and pump grade, duration may vary. The desired time and values can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the vacuum pump volume.


Electronic and mechanical indicators are used to see vacuum values. In general, these indicators are called manometers. Important information; Barometer is a tool used to measure open air pressure. The pressure gauge is the means to measure the air pressure in indoor environments. Standard for use and precision, industrial type, panel mounting type, diaphragm welded, capsule type low, capsule type absolute, bourdon tube absolute, diaphragm-welded, bourdon tubular difference, you can choose different types of differential pressure gauges with capsule tube difference and panel mounting type.


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